Why Bal Harbour St Regis is the most desirable place in Miami


Miami is one of the biggest and fastest growing cultural cities in all of America. It doesn’t come as a surprise that it is a major tourist destination. People flock from all over just to have a taste of this paradise. I won’t even pretend to be modest, Miami is the Paradise in the east coast. This being the case, a lot of people come to Miami for vacations year after year. The summer is just one of a kind, and full of festivities and cultural showcasing. It is simply magical. However, this Paradise is not same on all fronts. There are places considered more posh than others like Miami Beach real estate. It kind of sets the tone, differentiating people with economic differences and lifestyles. It is not regarded as a bad thing, though. People just love to enjoy life where they feel more comfortable. Can you blame them? There is having fun in Miami and there is having fun in St. Regis Bal Harbour Miami. You want to know the difference? This is why you are reading this article. It is regarded as the most desirable place in Miami for a reason. Here is why.

The real estate prospect of St. Regis

The real estate in this section of the city is just breathtaking. The luxury here is out of the world. The condominiums on sale here are of cutting edge design, the architecture is flawless, and then price are kind of high. The urge here to acquire one thus shoots to the roof. The ability to impress the eye with such design is best left unexplained, allowing you to see and judge for yourself. Being regarded as one of Miami’s favorite tourist site, it is dominated by condos, residential suites for rental purposes and resorts. If you just look at your map, you will actually see the large number of resort sites that are clustered all over the area. The most desirable places in the area are Armani Residences, Turnberry Ocean Club, Acqualina Miami, Acqualina Mansions, Estates at Acqualina, Chateau Beach Sunny Isles.

The general location feature

St. Regis lies in the village of Bal Harbour, somewhat new establishment (compared to the rest of the places https://www.ykrealestate.com/ ) in the city. This is a place where there has been less development in the past but recently an totally new wave of infrastructure, development and real estate has been vibrant. It still doesn’t have quite the population yet, but it will be soon. People are flocking from all over the country and world to get themselves this ultra-luxurious condos. It is generally a cool place that is serene and quiet. It has great potential and this has enabled the market price to rise for the last couple of years.

The true market potential for St. Regis Bal Harbour

The one thing that is driving this place is just one thing: not the resorts, not the tourist sites but the condos. A home is an investment that is always appreciating, year after year until such a point when you decide maybe its time to cash in. A home in a vacation area is another thing. The growth in value in this places is just like your home in the city, but on steroids. ( I think this description emphasizes the rates as they are). The prices are shooting through the roof for these condos, making sure that your investments doubles or even sometimes triples.

Why the sudden shift in prices

In the beginning of the article it was stated that it is one of the new, less populated fronts in Miami and the developments have only been few In the last couple of year. The fact that geographically it is just next to the sea adds to the reasons that the shift has occurred. The area initially was under the us air force serving as a barracks and riffle site. Believe it or not the annual rates that the US air corps paid was $1. After the war in 1945, the barracks were turned in to apartments. From there onwards it was a steady development program which just became vibrant a couple of years ago when people understood the potential it had.

The quality of life here.

For the prices they are asking for to sell you a condo or a residential home, you should expect nothing short of the best quality of life. Such luxury living as you get in Jade Ocean Sunny Isles, Jade Signature . All the social amenities have been taken care of, resorts are in place, the golf courses are being constructed and maintained at all times, the infrastructure is built up and maintained at all times, its just paradise. This is why a great deal of people are coming to buy themselves homes for vacation. Tech geek billionaires from silicon valley, investors from wall street, industrial moguls, politicians, everyone is down there. It is like a whole new front over there. Thus the standards have been set high. St Regis is just the place to be.

A close look on the real estate on sale

The condos here are dominating the village ( the one prominent development in the neighborhood is Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles ). From 2 bedroom condos to as big as 5 bedroom suites have swept the whole area. They range from 190-250m2   . The market price for these pieces of real estate are ranging from $1.2 million to about $2.5 million a piece. Quite expensive you might thing. Yes, well that’s what you get to pay for such luxury. The apartment building consist of a luxurious lobby, spas, swimming pools and massage parlors with customized service. The neighborhood is even more impressive. The shops there selling luxurious clothes, shoes and jewelry. Living here allows to also dine in the best restaurants which have set up shop in the area.

The condos care not just the only real estate that is in this place. There are also Bay Harbor Islands homes. They are also luxurious and befitting the potential owners. Even more you have hospitals, schools and fields all over, enabling you to raise your family here without any issues. If this is not desirable I don’t know what it is. St. Regis has set itself apart from the rest of Miami and attracted the ultra-rich from all over the united states.